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WTO Consultancy


WTO is based out in the Great Britain, started in the year 2011, it has a clear vision of making the ease of doing business for entrepreneurs across the globe. Creating a strong network for entrepreneurs for expanding and strengthening their business channels. WTO provides wings to entrepreneurs to fly their business to various heights. 

Our Mission

  1. Integrating talents and opportunities between UK & India
  2. Creating and leading towards new business destinations

Some of our success stories from 2011 include:

  • UK Kerala Business Meet at UK Parliament,2011
  • UK South India Business Meet UK Parliament,2011
  • British South India Business Meet UK Parliament,2012
  • UK Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Business Meet,2013
  • UK Karnataka Business Meet at UK Parliament,2013
  • UK South India Business Meet UK Parliament,2014
  • UK Business into Renewed India Business Meet,2015
  • UK Telangana Business Meet UK Parliament,2015
  • UK India Healthcare Summit UK Parliament,2016
  • India Manufaccturing Summit at UK Parliament,2017
  • India Healthcare Summit at UK Parliament,2017
  • India Manufacturing Summit at UK Parliament,2017
  • India Technology Summit at UK Parliament,2017
  • International Women's day,2018
  • Contributions of Tamils to UK and Global Economy
  • 70 the anniversary of NHS & GMEA Awards 2018


WTO Consultancy

Mr. Jacob Ravibalan
Mr.Samuel Eddy
Mr. Anandh Kannan
Mr. Sakthi Ganesh